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Intro to the G5 Rail King Mobile Railcar Mover

G5 Rail King Versatility & Dependability… We Got ‘Em!

As in previous generations of Rail King Models, G5 series have independent road wheels and rail wheels for quick, easy mobility on both rail and roadways; an enclosed, insulated cab with unsurpassed visibility for operator safety and efficiency, and a center console with easy view digital panel.

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Since 1965, HOTSTART has been helping railroads stop idling and save money. By equipping a locomotive with a HOTSTART  engine heater, the locomotive can be shut down and the heater will keep the engine above 100°F allowing for an easy restart. Check out the complete line of idle reduction solutions including electric and diesel-driven heaters (or APUs) with optional AESS systems.

H. Broer Equipment is ready to provide a complete turn key system, equipment supply, installations and support 24/7.  We have installed both the APU and Electric systems on various switcher units with great success!

We are a full service Yanmar engine dealer, and several years of industrial locomotive and diesel generator service.  You are assured uptime and reliable service for many years.

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