How to move a few railcars

With the amount of freight being moved by rail increasing dramatically each year, jockeying railcars from one point to another is serious business – not to be taken lightly. There are quite a few advantages to using a Rail King mobile railcar mover…

  • Mobility – A Rail King has the ability to move on and off rail quickly.
  • Transportability – A Rail King can be easily moved between rail yards or factories.
  • Time – A Rail King works when and where you want…saving you thousands.
  • Comfort – Rail King’s ‘Royalglide Operator Comfort System’ reduces operator fatigue
  • Ease of Operation – A Rail King can be easily operated and maintained by one individual.
  • Safety – A Rail King is safer to operate than a tractor or locomotive.
  • Parts – Rail King parts are locally available keeping downtime to a minimum

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