Rail Safety

Railcar Gate Openers are the Fast, Safe Way to Empty those Hoppers


door-demon-logo-flatMulti Position Gate Opener

The Door Demon product has been at this a long time, and with their expertise in the high torque, heavy use, and dusty environments, their products are what we love in the rail industry. The versatile line from beam mounts, two wheeled carts and all the way into multi-position solutions, all which are effortless in opening the toughest rail car hopper gates.

There is a solution for almost every application. Sure there are many attempts at recreating these industry leading products, but none are as heavy duty and high in torque.We have also introduced the Rhino Vibrator Lifter, saving the operators from lifting those extremely heavy tools out of the rail car pockets. Shown below, this machine is a quick way to install and remove the vibrator and operate it with little effort.


Speed and Safety are the number one way to save money in today’s work environment, with reducing downtime to work related injuries and delay in prying open (or closing) stubborn gates, these Door Demon products at H. Broer Equipment are the only way to go.




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OASIS Man-Down Safety Add-on for Mobile Rail Car Movers

H. Broer Equipment has an aftermarket man-down system or safety control device for mobile railcar movers called OASIS. It stands for Operator Attention Safety Interaction System, and it is designed to work on the Rail King, Trackmobile and Shuttlewagon mobile rail car movers.

OASIS Railcar Mover Man Down System

The system was originally designed to be installed into New or Used railcar movers like the Rail King, Trackmobile and Shuttlewagon, for the Alberta Rail Safety requirements. The system is engineered with FRA rules in mind and is integrated with the machine train air brakes, independent brakes, and parking brakes. It uses the operators manual brake controls and a push button to reset the timer on the alarms and subsequent activation of the safety shutdowns. The system also has a tie-in for the remote controls features to disable the system when remote controls are operational.

The system is field install ready, and comes with complete installation instructions.
Contact Marcel Broer for more details – Phone (855) 773 3100 or marcel@hbi.on.ca

Alberta Railway Act – Industrial Railway Regulation
9 Safety control equipment
9.1 Rail car movers must be equipped with a safety control device
that, as a minimum, initiates a pneumatic brake application and
removes all tractive effort in the event that the person operating the
rail car mover becomes inattentive or incapacitated.
9.2 Rail car movers that are in Alberta on or before January 1,
2011 must be equipped with a safety control system by January 1,
9.3 Rail car movers that are brought into Alberta after January 1,
2011 must be equipped with a safety control system.

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