Rail King Mobile Railcar Movers

GEAPS – Exchange – St. Louis

#RailKing will be @GEAPSExchange in St Louis with their Rail King RK330 G5, destined for Canada with H. Broer Equipment.


February 21-24, 2015

America’s Center

St. Louis, Missouri, USA


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Used Railcar Movers

We are looking for good Used railcar movers, Rail King, Trackmobile or Shuttlewagon.  We will look at lease returns or trade-in units, in any condition.

Our website is not a broker style, we are the buyers and direct retailer for the equipment shown on our used equipment page.  Our expectation is to buy machines, repair as needed, rebuild or remanufacture as requested and offer good value for your budget.  If you are looking for a used machine, we have a few units in stock, some haven’t made it on the website, and if in demand, may not make it at all.




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Proper Training is Important

We find that good training is an up front cost many managers would like to avoid. Not only does it involve a dollar cost, but also man hours while the personnel is in class. The long term cost savings is probably worth more than the lost man hours or the training day cost. With the rail car mover operators move heavy iron with a lighter railcar mover, it is important that they know what they are dealing with. Unnecessary brake wear, axle failures, tire wear, derailing are all signs that operator’s may need refresh training, for safety and reduce operation costs. Sometimes showing the operators new tricks or time saving tips, they would enjoy the job more, and that means productivity.

We have revamped the entire training program for the Rail King product line, and we suggest you check out our programs for operators, including remote controls. We focus on the railcar mover specifically as that is the unit your operation and maintenance dollars are affected by, and it is our specialty. Contact Catherine or Harry today!

TF (855) 773 3100

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OASIS Man-Down Safety Add-on for Mobile Rail Car Movers

H. Broer Equipment has an aftermarket man-down system or safety control device for mobile railcar movers called OASIS. It stands for Operator Attention Safety Interaction System, and it is designed to work on the Rail King, Trackmobile and Shuttlewagon mobile rail car movers.

OASIS Railcar Mover Man Down System

The system was originally designed to be installed into New or Used railcar movers like the Rail King, Trackmobile and Shuttlewagon, for the Alberta Rail Safety requirements. The system is engineered with FRA rules in mind and is integrated with the machine train air brakes, independent brakes, and parking brakes. It uses the operators manual brake controls and a push button to reset the timer on the alarms and subsequent activation of the safety shutdowns. The system also has a tie-in for the remote controls features to disable the system when remote controls are operational.

The system is field install ready, and comes with complete installation instructions.
Contact Marcel Broer for more details – Phone (855) 773 3100 or marcel@hbi.on.ca

Alberta Railway Act – Industrial Railway Regulation
9 Safety control equipment
9.1 Rail car movers must be equipped with a safety control device
that, as a minimum, initiates a pneumatic brake application and
removes all tractive effort in the event that the person operating the
rail car mover becomes inattentive or incapacitated.
9.2 Rail car movers that are in Alberta on or before January 1,
2011 must be equipped with a safety control system by January 1,
9.3 Rail car movers that are brought into Alberta after January 1,
2011 must be equipped with a safety control system.

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Used 1998 Rail King SS4600 Railcar Mover – SOLD

This will not last! Used 1998 SS4600 Rail King mobile railcar mover with 46,000lbs tractive effort using two couplers and 30,500lbs tractive effort using one coupler. This unit has the optional Caterpillar 3116 Engine, with air ride seats, cab extension, air conditioning and a pro-heat coolant heater. Unit is currently in Edmonton, Alberta. Call Marcel @ H. Broer Equipment 1 (855) 773 3100

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Used 2001 Rail King SS4650 Railcar Mover- $145,000 (Two Units Available!)

We are offering these 2001 SS4650 Rail King mobile railcar movers with 46,500lbs tractive effort using two couplers and 31,000lbs tractive effort using one coupler.   This particular unit has the optional Caterpillar 3116 Engine, with some additional weight added!  Other unit has Detroit Diesel 40E, quiet four cycle engine.

Great Buys, contact us for more details!

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How to move a few railcars

With the amount of freight being moved by rail increasing dramatically each year, jockeying railcars from one point to another is serious business – not to be taken lightly. There are quite a few advantages to using a Rail King mobile railcar mover…

  • Mobility – A Rail King has the ability to move on and off rail quickly.
  • Transportability – A Rail King can be easily moved between rail yards or factories.
  • Time – A Rail King works when and where you want…saving you thousands.
  • Comfort – Rail King’s ‘Royalglide Operator Comfort System’ reduces operator fatigue
  • Ease of Operation – A Rail King can be easily operated and maintained by one individual.
  • Safety – A Rail King is safer to operate than a tractor or locomotive.
  • Parts – Rail King parts are locally available keeping downtime to a minimum
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