April 2014

Proper Training is Important

We find that good training is an up front cost many managers would like to avoid. Not only does it involve a dollar cost, but also man hours while the personnel is in class. The long term cost savings is probably worth more than the lost man hours or the training day cost. With the rail car mover operators move heavy iron with a lighter railcar mover, it is important that they know what they are dealing with. Unnecessary brake wear, axle failures, tire wear, derailing are all signs that operator’s may need refresh training, for safety and reduce operation costs. Sometimes showing the operators new tricks or time saving tips, they would enjoy the job more, and that means productivity.

We have revamped the entire training program for the Rail King product line, and we suggest you check out our programs for operators, including remote controls. We focus on the railcar mover specifically as that is the unit your operation and maintenance dollars are affected by, and it is our specialty. Contact Catherine or Harry today!

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